Labor and Employment & Wrongful Termination

Employment law encompasses a wide variety of issues like Pension Plans, Retirement, Occupational Safety & Health Regulations, Affirmative Action, Discrimination in the Workplace and Sexual Harassment. Employment Attorneys can show businesses how to reduce their risk of employment litigation and how to comply with state and local laws. They can also help protect workers when their rights are being violated. Employment Law regulates Employer and employee relations. The law of employment is a mixture of contract law, common law and legislation. It is still open to an employer and employee to agree the terms of employment subject however to industry awards and applicable legislation. The remedies for unfair dismissal are part of employment law. Labor Attorneys mainly deal with relationships between employers and employers. Labor and Employment lawyers, Attorneys help employers with Counseling on issues related to strikes or lockouts, wrongful Termination, wage, overtime, Pension Plans, Retirement Safety & Health Regulations and providing related litigation support. If you are involved with a dispute involving such issues as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination (gender, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, national origin, race), wage and overtime issues, employment contracts, negotiation of severance packages, or public sector employee issues, you should immediately consult with a qualified Lead Counsel Employment Attorney. Businesses will also typically retain an Employment Attorney to provide counsel on the businesses rights and options under labor and employment laws and provide advocacy, including representation in mediations, arbitrations, and litigation in wrongful Termination, wage, overtime, Pension Plans, Retirement Safety & Health Regulations.


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