Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers, attorneys are experts in the conduct of Disputes, resolution either through litigation, arbitration, mediation, in court and tribunal. Litigation, mediation and arbitration: We work with some of the world’s leading businesses to resolve their complex, high profile commercial disputes. Whether it be bond options or trademarks, warranty claims or regulatory issues, real estate or power projects, product liability or fraud, and insolvency we have a track record of success in that field in Egyptian, Emiratis courts, and tribunals. Our international and multi-jurisdictional practice is equally at home appearing in the Egyptian and Emirates courts, in domestic and international arbitrations mediations and litigations, and in many other specialist tribunals. Commercial dealings or even everyday life can lead to unwelcome disputes that will be settled through litigation, arbitration, mediation, in court and tribunal. Our lawyers, attorneys are experts in resolving all kinds of disputes in a quick and cost effective way. We can help you make sense of complex problems. We look for pragmatic settlements whenever possible and a commercial solution. We never lose sight of our clients’ objectives. We have the expertise to handle difficult mediation, arbitration and litigation at the highest level where necessary. We also resolve disputes by other means such as mediation and understand that being able to negotiate a solution is often just as important as being able to fight for it. We offer a full range of mediation, arbitration, and litigation services including commercial disputes, contentious trust and probate matters, intellectual property issues, insolvency, asset/debt recovery and more. We are experienced in handling every type of commercial and residential property dispute. With niche practices in sports, education, entertainment and other dispute areas, there is a considerable depth to our expertise. Our specialist dispute resolution team advises individuals, LLPs, partnerships, large private companies and public organizations on the different ways of resolving disputes. These include: Negotiation Often ignored, this is the single most effective way of resolving disputes at any stage. We can assist clients to resolve their own disputes or help with negotiations. Our lawyers, attorneys, advocates, solicitors, barristers, and arbitrators in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai – UAE – have a number of qualified civil mediators, litigators and arbitrators within the practice and the team/group has experience of assisting and representing clients at mediations, litigation in courts, and arbitration by tribunals. Arbitration is most commonly used in construction and insurance disputes. Any contract document with an arbitration clause as its fall-back dispute resolution may have to be resolved by reference to arbitration.

Attorney Ezz is admitted as arbitrator in banking and international trade disputes by ministry of justice in Egypt, his experience in banking since 1983 gave him great advantage in banking or international trade mediation and arbitration. This practical arbitration ensures that we are able to sit in any arbitration with full competence, ability.

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