Company Law

Companies are regulated by the Corporations law – act – in Cairo Egypt or in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Act deals with all aspects of company law including the incorporation of companies, directors’ duties, shareholders’ rights, the calling and holding of meetings and winding up of companies. Certain formalities must be complied with and changes to the company notified to the local law. Local Egyptian and Emirates UAE lawyers, attorneys and advocates will be helpful regarding interpretation, preparation or review of agreements regulated by company law, such as incorporation of companies, shares of local and expats partners. If you are international entity you should return to the local Egyptian and Emirates UAE lawyers and solicitors in Egypt or in Abu Dhabi, Dubai – UAE – commercial department to ask local legal consultants about company law, incorporation of companies they will guide you the best practice in a foreign country that have a different legislation than you are familiar with.

No one will understand the local law like local Egyptian and Emirates UAE lawyers, attorneys and advocates.

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