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Our UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi corporate lawyers have strong communication and negotiation skills, an excellent academic background, the ability to think ‘out-of-the-box’, exceptional analytical skills, shine presence in courts & arbitration and meticulous attention to detail,

Our UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi corporate lawyers build up a familiarity with corporate and business law in other jurisdictions where your clients have operations or are looking to invest.

Our Cairo Egypt corporate lawyers & legal consultants help clients in all stages, from founding to funding, our firm assists entrepreneurs in growing their business from the ground up.

Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Egypt Corporate lawyers are elite group in legal practice. When our corporate legal consultants & arbitrators work in this area of law, no doors will be closed tin your face.

Our practice of corporate law involves general corporate matters, such as the incorporation of companies, directors’ and shareholders’ rights, articles of association, board meetings, secretarial matters, the public listing or delisting of companies litigation or arbitration before corporate court.

No two corporate transactions or deals are the same. The differences can depend upon several factors, such as territory of transaction, the type of industry, whether it involves single or multimarket businesses, and the size of the companies involved.

Clients in this area range from multinational corporations, investment banks and privately-held companies, to small and medium scale businesses, regulatory bodies and governments.

Our corporate lawyers are involve in acting on mergers and acquisitions, the restructuring of corporate entities and the hiving-off of unprofitable sections.

Our corporate lawyers help clients on stock exchanges across the world, secure finance from private equity players and venture capitalists.

Our legal team understands the unique journey of each entrepreneurial venture and it is our mission to assist each of our clients in achieving their ultimate objective.

Our objective is to build long-term relationships with you so that we can be part of your success story.

Our Egypt Cairo Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE United Arab Emirates offices have a team composed of highly professional and trained lawyers qualified to practice in multi- jurisdictions. We have specialized teams with specific focus to specialized areas of law in response to multifaceted globalization of legal practice. We operate locally and internationally through our branch network and associated offices.