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The UAE, Egypt Intellectual Property Lawyers, practice with over 30 years of history, Al-Saaedi & Ezz Lawyers, has become one of the most recognized law firms in Trademark, Copyright, Patent, and related Intellectual Property matters including Licensing, Domain Name Disputes, franchise and Entertainment law. our Lawyers currently has many of satisfied national and international clients ranging from single individuals and small business to corporations whom we help in Intellectual Property ,Trademark, Copyright, Patent, , Licensing, Entertainment, franchise agreements, disputes in courts or arbitration. Whether a client is an individual or a very large corporate enterprise, our Lawyers, attorneys and professionals have always prided themselves in providing the same courteous, honest, and professional service. Franchise For franchise client will need to prepare audited financial statements for business in order to franchise such business. You will also need to decide whether you are going to create another company for your new franchise, or if you are going to use your existing business to carry out the franchise business plan. This is an area where an experienced accountant can be a great asset to your team, covering all of your financial bases and advising you on the way your business model will be structured. Before you can sell your franchise business plan you have to get all the details down on paper from training to products and services so that franchisees can work from your blueprint. You should create a training manual and program to show those considering a franchise purchase in your organization what they need to do to make their business a success, and set up a marketing plan for them so that they can get customers through the door. Franchising obstacles: Franchise business plans are much different. In your organization, you are the head of the company and your employees will work within the guidelines you set up for them. Advocate Ezz is licensed as trademarks agent for Egypt, He knows well how to protect trademarks against infringement. You call any Corporate and commercial law solicitor, legal consultant, and you will get accurate legal consultations and litigation in, Intellectual Property ,Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Licensing, Entertainment, franchise agreements.

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