banking-and-finance banking-and-finance

Banking and finance

Clients value our Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE, Cairo banking lawyers, attorneys, advocates, solicitors, barristers, and arbitrators in Cairo..

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accidents accidents


Our lawyers and attorneys fight to get the best results in respect of accidents claims in Egypt & UAE.

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business-agreements business-agreements

Business Agreements

Our Dubai & Dhabi lawyers commercial department has wide ranging experience in advising...

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criminal-defense-criminal-justice criminal-defense-criminal-justice

Criminal Defense - Criminal Justice

Our lawyers are the leading criminal defense law firm located in Egypt and United Arab Emirates...

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dispute-resolution dispute-resolution

Dispute Resolution

Our Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE lawyers, attorneys are experts in the conduct of Disputes, resolution either through litigation...

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family-law family-law

Family Law

The Family Law in Egypt or UAE: by law the Court may permit the wife who seeks to divorce...

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hotels hotels


Our lawyers, attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the corporate, commercial and real...

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insurance-and-reinsurance insurance-and-reinsurance

Insurance and Reinsurance

Our insurance lawyers, attorneys advised clients on a wide range of global insurance...

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international-trade international-trade

International Trade

Our business lawyers conduct in a globalized and international marketplace.

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labor labor


Employment law encompasses a wide variety of issues like Pension Plans, Retirement...

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maritime maritime


Our lawyers, attorneys are Focusing on maritime and admiralty personal injury claims...

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taxation-and-customs taxation-and-customs

Taxation and customs

Legal services: customs duty, Corporate, Income, Inheritance, VAT, Tax, Stamp...

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arbitration arbitration


Our Cairo Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE arbitration lawyers are experienced in both domestic and international arbitration law.

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legalizing legalizing


Our UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo offices have a wealth of experience in the attestation and legalization

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This firm is widely considered to have one of the market-leading public law practices for clients in the public sector


Ask a legal question to real lawyers. Get an answer from a lawyer that specializes in your issue either civil, corporate, criminal we have a solution.


To succeed in today’s fast-paced environment, leading companies must not only embrace change, but stay ahead of it. Our lawyers understand that innovation is the catalyst for growth – for our clients, our firm, and our people.


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